Television signals can be received via aerial for terrestrial reception, via satellite as in case of DTH, via broadband connection as in the case of IPTV or via cable from local cable operator. The reception of television signals through satellite and broadband connection are already operating in digital mode and Government has, as a policy initiative, taken a decision to switch over to digital mode for reception of TV signals both in terrestrial mode as well as through cable from local cable operators. The switch over to digital mode for cable TV systems shall take place in phases and the first phase for digitalization of Cable Television shall take place in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai by June 30, 2012.

Digitalisation of Cable TV, put in simple words means, delivery of digital TV signal to the door-step of viewer. With this technology the viewers will get through cable, superior picture and sound quality, large bouquet of channels, choice of channels, games and movies on demand. The digital cable TV service will be available through a set top box.
The local cable operator as well as the multi system operator catering to your area shall advertise well before the scheduled date of digital switch over for your area. You shall be required to acquire a set top box as per the guidelines of MSO/ cable operator and get it connected to your existing TV set through the cable operator. Your cable operator shall thereafter get a Customer Application Form (CAF) filled up in consultation with you for making available the TV channels of your choice and as selected by you. He shall thereafter get the set top box enabled through the MSO and demonstrate the functioning of the set top box to you and your family members for your viewing pleasure.

While you shall not be required to replace your existing TV set for digital switch over, for multi TV homes a set top box shall be necessary for each TV receiver.