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A: Digital Addressable System (DAS) is a description normally used for a set of hardware devices and connected software used at different stages of distribution of a TV channels through which the channels are transmitted in encrypted form. It contains the following attributes:
  • The subscriber is given an authorization depending upon his request to view one or more of such encrypted channels of his choice.
  • The subscriber will pay for those channels which he or she has chosen to view in such a system.
  • The authorization is given and controlled by the Multi System Operator (MSO) who owns the DAS in a Cable Television Network. In this, he is often assisted by the Local Cable Operator.
  • "Addressable system" signifies that a subscriber is identifiable.
  • The Multi System Operator and the broadcaster will know the exact number of subscribers of a channel or a bouquet of channels and the amount that is due from that subscriber.

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